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    What is Pitch For Purpose?

    Pitch For Purpose is an event being held on the 31st August 2017 that gives entrepreneurs who have started mission-led businesses an opportunity to pitch their idea to investors. The format is similar to 'speed dating', where each entrepreneur will pitch to a room of investors and once all of the pitches have been made, the entrepreneurs will be spending a bit of time answering Q&A and collaborating with each table of investors.


    Why should I join?

    Not only is this an opportunity to make great impressions and valuable connections with investors, but 3 entrepreneurs will be selected to receive a slot to pitch at VentureFest. For more information about VentureFest click here.


    Let's not forget the Cash Prize!

    In addition to the slot at VentureFest, one entrepreneur will be receiving £1000!


    How do I apply?

    Applying is as easy as clicking the 'Apply' button below, answering the questions on the application and sending the completed form to scott@socialinvestmentscotland.com.


    Event Details


    Date: 31st of August 2017

    Time: 6:00 pm - 8:30 pm


    Location: 29 Glasgow

    Address: 29 Royal Exchange Square, Glasgow G1 3AJ​



  • FAQS

    Here are some answers to frequently asked questions about this event

    How does Investor Speed Dating work?

    Here's the rundown...

    On the 31st of August we’re packing a room with investors, intermediaries, advisors and just all around good people to know. After pitching, you will have the opportunity to sit and discuss your business (either start-up or established) for roughly 5 minutes each. You’ll have the attention and potential interest of investors who can help your venture reach new heights!

    Social Enterprises and Mission-Led Businesses

    Both qualify for consideration for this event, but what's the difference?

    Mission-Led Businesses are ventures that aim to achieve both social and economic impact through innovative business models. These for-profit businesses may not have an asset lock, but do have some form of mission lock.


    Meanwhile, Social Enterprise businesses also aim to make a social impact, but are non-profit and have an asset lock.


    Do I qualify?

    Are you a social entrepreneur? Are you looking to use your business to make the world a better place and seeking funding in the next 12-18 months? Is your business a for-profit company with a high social impact or a social enterprise looking to fund growth? If so, you qualify for consideration.


    What is the format?

    The pitch will consist of a 4 minute pitch and 5 minutes of Q&A and collaboration with each table of investors and stakeholders.


    Who are they?

    This group is comprised of a wide range of investors from private equity, angel investors, to investment fund managers interested in investing in the mission-led space.

  • Social Investment Scotland

    Established in 2001, Social Investment Scotland is a charity and social enterprise that provides flexible, tailored investment to charities, community groups and social entrepreneurs across Scotland.


    Our mission is simple. We aim to make a lasting, sustainable, social and environmental impact, by helping social enterprises realise their ambition with appropriate investment and support.

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